Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Market: Weavings, a Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life

I was going to write a Thanksgiving blog post, right up there with the thousands of others detailing what they're thankful for. That's not meant to be snide; I was right there, ready to write about how thankful I am to be a full-time writer now -- what a shock it still is when I realize this IS my day job -- when I got distracted by a hot glue gun.

Yeah, that's right... a hot glue gun edged out gratitude as the topic of this post... just by a hair. But I'm not sure there's much of a difference. That glue gun, you see, having been dug out of the cupboard in which it usually resides, unmolested for weeks or months at a time, is going to finally get my project board off the floor and onto the wall of my home office. I'm hoping that if I can hang it at eye and writing level, as opposed to having to squat down on the floor to read it, I'll make better use of it and my own potential, turning the huge spreadsheet of brilliant ideas I've had -- and neglected to act upon -- into another batch of published clips.

So I am very thankful you are here to help me on my way, hot glue gun. But before I finish that project, I have to start another; it's tradition. So as I wait for the glue gun to heat up (I'm hot-gluing a a hanger to the back of the project board, NOT the board to the wall... put down that telephone!) I'm sorting through old market listings and throwing out the ones that I'm never in a million years going to sub to.

What's that you say? Throwing out perfectly good market listings? Don't I have any idea how wasteful that is... can't I at least recycle?

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I can. So here's the submissions page for Weavings, "A Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life." Pretty self-explanatory.

Look for more markets coming up over the holiday weekend.

P.S. I really am thankful to be writing, and this is a big part of why.

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