Monday, November 24, 2008, and why we need weekends.

Up until now I haven't bothered to join writer's websites that charge a premium. After all, I've been so busy chasing down leads and pitching queries to markets gleaned from free newsletters and websites that I don't have time to mess around with pay sites as well.

Then I discovered the incredible charge of motivation I can get from being in the same room with other writers... more on that later. If attending one meeting of the local writer's guild was such a charge, could I duplicate the experience -- or at least find a pale shadow of it -- online?

Enter FanStory. It was an unlikely target at first; after all, I'd long considered "social writing sites" to be a waste of my time. Must... pitch... to... paying... markets! But once I reasoned the $6.95/month membership away as an entry fee to the numerous paying contests FanStory features, once I decided that inspiration and having a chance to play with writing again instead of just working at it -- as I've done every single stinkin' day since I quit my day job back in June -- were well worth the cost, I took my first step into a brave new world.

Yes, that's right. Not only did I start playing with my writing, entering contests in subjects and forms that I normally wouldn't have bothered with, I also started reading other peoples' writing and reviewing it. And you know what? It's fun.

Contaminated by this "fun bug", I then did something unthinkable. I took a day off. I purposefully neglected e-mails and edits that were awaiting my response. I put every single client on hold for 24 hours. I curled up in the rocker and watched one DVD after another. I completed craft projects I'd been hoping to give as Christmas gifts.

That day was yesterday. Truth be told I was a little bit worried that, when exposed to the concept of leisure, my discipline would crumble and I'd never work another hour ago. Welcome to the self-employed poorhouse, lady. But today I had to hold myself back from entering the home office. "No, not yet!" I told myself. "Take another day off!"

I lost the battle an hour ago and have been frenziedly pecking at the keyboard ever since. So this is what inspiration feels like! This is why I wanted so badly, for so very long, to be a writer! I had honestly forgotten. But now I remember...

...this is what weekends are for!

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Anonymous said...

That's so true. I have to say that my experience with has been wonderful as well. It's great to share your writing with other writers. The feedback on my poetry and stories from members is wonderful. As you mentioned - it motivates you. Having real contest deadlines gets you going!