Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I participated in a 3-day intensive workshop over the weekend, and didn't check my e-mail once. It was a real pleasure to be able to focus on one thing instead of the constant multi-tasking that has become my life.

The downside of taking a break is that when I emerged from the workshop on Monday, I had an enormous backlog writing newsletters to sort through. Today is Wednesday and I am still sorting. Yes, there are that many newsletters out there, just waiting for writers to read them.

One of them, from the folks at, comes out so rarely that I had to visit their website to see what they're about. The newsletter is mostly notices and information for "Kiwi" authors, paired with a helpful interview/article.

The website is of interest - no matter where you are located - because if you click on Find Jobs beneath the Freelance Work heading, you'll find a list of available writing work. The job postings are recent (no more than 30 days old) and work location is clearly noted beneath each active link, along with other miscellaneous information. This makes it much easier to weed through the listings quickly, and pick out what's of interest to you.

This site is a little different from most of the freelance sites I've seen. It's not an outsourcing mill; the work often pays decently or better, and you'll find a number of job/work offers based in New Zealand/USA. There are also periodical, blog, and anthology calls for submission at times.

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