Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes, I'm a shareaholic

Now that I'm splashing around in the shallow end of the "social media" pool, I've discovered that not only does the whole "social marketing" lexicon sound pretty bizarre when taken out of context -- digg, stumble, tweet, etc -- it also takes a lot of time to implement.

I don't remember how I originally found it, but the Shareaholic toolbar has been a great help. It doesn't reduce my browsing space at all; it just puts a little icon near my "home" button. Clicking the icon gets me a petite pulldown menu from which I can zap directly to the social networking/sharing tool of my choice.

Pretty smooth, and definitely useful for any writer trying to consistently promote their work online.


Jay Meattle said...

thanks so much for using shareaholic! if you have any suggestions for Shareaholic or need more information about the service, please do let me to know :)

Robert said...

I don't know how compatible it is with Blogspot, but ShareThis is another useful app similar to Shareaholic that gives your readers a useful and unobtrusive way to share your articles with their favorite flavors of social bookmarking sites, post a tweet/blog about it, or even shoot it off in an e-mail.

I'm not much for social bookmarking myself, but I concede that a whole lot of other people are really into it. So I use a plugin for the software that runs my site that adds an unobtrusive ShareThis image link to the bottom of each post that sprouts a nice menu when clicked. It sees some pretty frequent use by my visitors, too, so I'm happy with it.

Just thought I'd shoot it past you, Lisa. =)

Sam Palmer said...

Thank you! I am going to check it out. Sounds very effective. Social networking has proven to be a bit of a bottleneck for me, as I am not intrinsically a social butterfly.

Sam Palmer

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