Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Dublin Saga

I'm now a proud resident of Dublin airport. While at first glance this may seem unrelated to writing resources or information, it's going to be a grand test of just how resourceful this traveling writer can be.

Actually, all things considered, I'm in fairly good shape. I have enough money (for now) to keep myself fed, I purchased a souvenir wool blanket so I can stay warm, I've got my travel pillow so I'll be comfy when I sack out on the floor... and I have a fourth(!) chance at getting in to London at 06:45 tomorrow morning so that I can catch my flight from there back to the States at 11:30. Given that I'm booked on RyanAir and they don't fly to Heathrow--where my flight to the States departs from--getting from one airport to another is going to be an adventure in and of itself. For now, I'd settle for getting airborne and then touching down safely again.

I've also learned to keep my mouth shut. Everything looked grand--flights on track in spite of the weather--until I mentioned to a friend who'd called to inquire about the flights: I wouldn't mind getting stuck here for a while. I'd much rather be stuck here than in London.

My wish was granted within less than 30 seconds. Flight canceled. Rebook. Flight canceled. Rebook. Rinse and repeat.

So. People are being mostly decent but the airport is certainly crowded enough and with no city buses running (for the same reason the flights aren't running) nobody is going anywhere any time soon. Even if the buses were running, they wouldn't be moving--traffic throughout the city is at a standstill. With some folks starting to show a little grumpy around the edges (who can blame them) and the third flight having turned out not to be a charm, I figured this is as good a reason to ressurrect this blog as any.

So, let the Dublin saga begin. And since I figure I'd better include something writing related, here's a link to commentary by Dave Barry about writing humor.

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