Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Guide to Literary Agents

Ahhhh, tax day. How well did you keep track of 2007's deductions?

Here's another noteworthy blog to take your mind off the trauma of the tax man's visit:

The Guide to Literary Agents Blog deals with all things literary agent. That doesn't read quite right, does it? But if you deal with agents, or want to deal with agents, or are wondering if you should deal with agents... well, you get the idea. I love sites / blogs that take the time to answer reader questions or offer useful information like GLA blog's "What Does That Mean?" installments - see their April 8th post for a fine example. If you want to pitch, negotiate, or even just converse well, you need to know the vocabulary. There will be numerous pop quizzes over the duration of your writing career.

Oh, hey, there's even a website to go with the blog. What's it about? You guessed it... the Guide to Literary Agents! You can find it here.

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