Sunday, March 16, 2008 galore

Sorry for the week-long absence - when a chance to go to Mexico comes up, you don't ask questions... you just get on the plane and go.

After coming back to the unavoidable pile-up of e-mails, I deleted most of them without a glance. It's just not worth reading up on information that's already out of date.

But there are a few that I read through anyway. One of them is the Duotrope Weekly Wire/Digest e-mails. You can find their main website here and sign up for their newsletters here.

The newsletters come out every week and are divided into a Poetry edition (Fridays), Short Fiction (Saturdays) and Novel/Collection Publishing (Sundays). Each one is concise - you get the basics on only the newly added or updated markets, and an active link to take you to the Duotrope page on that publication if you're interested in learning more. The publication's website is just a click away from there, but you have a chance to see what sort of work they buy and how much they typically pay before you even get there... what a nice way to save time and poking around for payment information.

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