Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hooray for a President that writes his own speeches!

I'm shocked that none -- NONE -- of the blogs I read have made any mention of Barack Obama yet. I mean come on, folks, it's been over five hours since he officially took the oath of office. You might think, at first, that his election has nothing to do with writing. But just as Bush before him, then Clinton before him, and so on back into infinity... the person in the big P-Man's chair will have a major effect on everything in this country. Everything. Including us writers.

The #1 reason I am glad that Obama was elected president? He writes his own speeches. I'm sure that he gets some help along the way... but in the end, he writes his own speeches. Think about that. A president that's actually speaking to us in his own words. I never did understand how somebody could call Bush an eloquent speaker when he was using what other people wrote.

If you're looking for transcripts of Barack Obama's speeches, this is a great resource. Historic quotes, anyone?

Oh, and if you still think this post isn't relevant to the world of writing, please note my proper use of the word "effect", as opposed to "affect", above. Really, I'm being a good example!

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