Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Children's Writing Update

At first I felt skeptical about the Children's Writing Update. After all, it's got some ads. Okay, it's got a lot of ads. But they're all for writing related products and, if you're a children's writer (or want to be) the products might be right up your alley. It also has some useful tidbits about book clubs (can you say "Oprah"?) and conferences for children's writers.

That's all very nice and worth a scan-through if you're really into children's writing, but what really got my attention was this update issue's feature article. As an aspiring children's writer I read it attentively, and will be visiting future issues of the Children's Writing Update to make sure I don't miss their next feature article.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jon Bard of Children's Book Insider /, here's a link to the back issues of Children's Writing Update. Each one features an article from Laura Backes. She also wrote the current issue's article, "Have You Lost the Plot?" that caught (and held) my eye.


Jon Bard said...

Glad you enjoyed the Update! Yes, we do use it to help promote our newsletter and books, but we try hard to more than balance that out with useful free content.

If you'd like to see some back issues -- all of which include a feature article from Laura Backes -- have a look at

All the best,

Children's Book Insider /

Lisa Maloney said...

Hi Jon,

As mentioned in the post I was a little skeptical at first, but I will definitely be a return reader, in large part because of Laura Backes' article. I think skimming through a few ads is a great price for getting good content free. As you said, it's all about maintaining a balance.

I'm going to add your archive link to the main post. Thank you for the comment and for maintaining a free newsletter!